What if I’m 12 or 19, but I want to attend the retreat?

Exceptions to the age rule can certainly be made. Use the contact page to make a request.


The retreat is begin held at a Baptist church; do I have to be Baptist to attend?

No! The retreat is non-denominational. It is designed for believers in Jesus Christ.


Why is there a dress code?

A dress requirement is described in mailings sent to registrants prior to the retreat. The dress requirement seeks to reflect the highest standards and exists to encourage the ladies who attend to be modest and feminine in their apparel.


Is this an overnight event?

No! The girls who attend will arrive and depart each retreat day. Accommodations are up to each student/family. See our schedule for more info.


What if I want to attend, but I live far away?

There are currently no accommodations in place for those traveling a great distance. Check out hotels in the area or use the contact page to request help with other possibilities.


How is the money that I pay to attend used?

The director and leaders are volunteers in this ministry. The money goes to cover promotional materials, binders, mailing, special treats, food, etc.


What if I can be there for only part of the week?

Because of the nature of the retreat, those who register commit to being there all day Saturday and at least three of the four weekday evenings. Use the contact page to make a request otherwise.


I want to come, but am restricted financially. Are scholarships available?

A limited number of scholarships are available. We don’t want money to be a hindrance! Please submit your personal situation for the director’s consideration using the contact page. Also, check back soon for some giveaways on this site!